Glory Brick 24100 | Replacement Lithium Battery | GARAYE
Glory Brick 24100 | Replacement Lithium Battery | GARAYE
Glory Brick 24100 | Replacement Lithium Battery | GARAYE
Glory Brick 24100 | Replacement Lithium Battery | GARAYE

Item specifics

Nominal Capacity
Rated Energy
Rated Voltage
483(L)*170(W)*240(H) mm

Product review


GA-B24100 | Replacement Lithium Battery | GARAYE
Glory 24V lithium iron phosphate battery pack is designed and manufactured with features of high energy density, safe and reliable, long service life, etc. With its unique advantages, it is widely used in caravans, tourist coaches, electric two-wheelers, tricycles, emergency lights, security monitoring, and other power supply equipment. The universal dimensions with excellent performance provide the user with an ideal drop-in replacement solution for the traditional lead-acid battery.
It is composed of LiFePo4 battery cells in series and parallel, which have the characters of good safety performance, high energy density, and long cycle life.
Using laser welding craft, with a high degree of automation, low internal resistance, high energy efficiency, to ensure the welding quality.
Supports 4pcs in series connection for 12Vdc platform, 2pcs in series for 24Vdc platform, which provides a wide range of applications.
Built-in intelligent BMS optimizes the performance and safety of the battery by automatically balancing cells and protecting them from overcharge, over-discharge, over current, short circuit, high and low temperature protection functions, graded alarm and wireless monitoring functions.
Using the lithium-ion battery, green and eco-friendly, low lifetime cost.
Independently developed products, we can arrange experienced engineers to provide technical support
Customized solutions can be provided according to the user scenarios.
BlueTooth Support, Through the self-developed ZRGP mobile application, you can remotely monitor the operating status of the battery via Bluetooth, and support both Android and IOS.
No. Item Unit Value Remark
01 Cell Model - LFP-3.2V 100Ah Prismatic Cell
02 Combination Mode - 1P8S
03 Nominal Capacity Ah 100
04 Rated energy Wh 2560
05 Initial Internal Resistance <150 AC 1KHz
06 Rated Voltage V 25.6


Recommended charging voltage


Unit cell max. charge
voltage not exceed 3.65V


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Unit cell min. discharge
voltage not lower than 2.5V
09 Standard Charge Current A 20 0.2C
10 Max. Charge Current A ≤100 1C
11 Standard Discharge Current A 50
12 Max. Discharge Current A ≤100
13 -20℃ Discharge Capacity ≥65% Nominal Capacity

Cycle life - ≥3500 times DOD>80%


Operating Temperature

-0~+45℃ Charge
-10~ +60℃ Discharge
16 Open Circuit Voltage V 20-29.2
17 Shell type - ABS Plastic Shell
18 Weight kg 23 About
19 Dimension mm 483(L)*170(W)*240(H) Exclude wiring terminal
100% DOD
Our battery will perform for over 2,000 cycles at 100% DOD, compared with only 500 cycles at 80% DOD of a lead acid battery.
Built In Protection
Our lithium batteries have a built in Battery Management System (BMS)
Wide Range Working Applications
There is an almost unlimited list of applications and uses for our batteries