Glory Rack | Energy Storage Module UL | GARAYE
Glory Rack | Energy Storage Module UL | GARAYE
Glory Rack | Energy Storage Module UL | GARAYE
Glory Rack | Energy Storage Module UL | GARAYE
Glory Rack | Energy Storage Module UL | GARAYE
GA-R100; GA-R50

Item specifics

Cell model
LFP 50Ah/3.2V
Operating Temperature
Combination Mode
Rated Voltage

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Glory Rack | Energy Storage Module UL | GARAYE
Glory Rack can be used to support reliable power for various types of equipment and systems. Glory Rack series is especially suitable for application scene of high power, limited installation space, and restricted load-bearing and long cycle life.
Multi-level energy management,longer battery life
One-button switch machine,more convenient operation
Modular,ultra -thin wall hanging design,convenient installation
Multiple parallel support,high current charge and discharge
High BMS compatibility,perfect match of energy storage inverter
The adoption of high-performance processors,international brand devices,better stability
Regular Technical Features
Grid Voltage 400Vac
Grid Frequency 50/60Hz (±2.5Hz)
Rated Power 50kW/100kW
Rated Energy 96.8kWh-387kWh
Protection Level IP54
Working Temp Range -10℃~50℃
Humidity Range 0~95%
Altitude 3000m
Battery Cluster (Cabinet) Features
Model ZR-EP100-02
Chemistry LiFePO4
Rated Voltage 460.8Vdc
Rated Energy 96.7kWh
Size(W*H*D) 2991mm ×2591mm×2438mm
Weight 4.7t-6.7t
Batteries Connection 12 sets of ZR-FE38210-1235R1 in series
Energy Converter Features
Qty of Battery Cluster(s) 1 or more 2 or more
Model ZR-BP50-02 ZR-BP100-02
Battery Voltage Range 250~520V
Maximum DC Current 130A 260A
PV Voltage Range 520~900V
PV Maximum Current 220A 440A
Connection 3P4S
Power Factor -1~1
Communication RS485,CAN,Ethernet
Isolation Power-line Frequency Isolation

CE LVD,IEC 62109
EMC, AS/NZS61000
Residential grid-tie solar with backup power
Secure power for your home during grid outages by retrofitting your grid-tied system with backup power using proven ZRGP's solutions.
Extra PV power for battery charging. When PV power is low or none, load consumption should take power from the battery first, and from the grid as little as possible.
Off-grid power supply
Cut your consumption peak and save money by reducing loads.When the grid is offline, the storage system should automatically switch to off-grid powering in less than 1s, for external emergency load powering.