GARAYE Lithium battery storage system

Sealed Lead Acid Replacement Battery


Garaye Energy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaging in R&D, design, production and sales of lithium battery management system, energy storage system, module, and monitoring system, a leading solutions and products provider at home and abroad. We’re committed to providing safe, light-weighted, and long-lasting green energy products. With continuous independent innovation, excellency in the overall development and design and cost control, rational business positioning and high-quality client resources, Garaye has now become one of the companies that acquired the strongest design capability, complete tech-supporting capability, and products variety. The company has been granted 26 patents (of which 2 are invention patents), 15 software copyrights, 9 utility model patents, while 20 patents are being applied for (of which 3 are invention patents). Garaye is standing in top tier with 15 items of core technology, originated from independent innovation and integrated innovation, in the field of lithium-ion energy storage system, lithium power battery module, and lithium battery management system. Garaye is a company with global view, starting from the HQ in Shenzhen, China, accompany with Sales Offices and Product Centres in Europe, US, South Africa, and South East Asia, joint-venture factory is Jakarta, Indonesia, and wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan. There is going to be swift and effective in providing solution and services to local clients.